Study Guide

1984 Book 2, Chapter 7

By George Orwell

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Book 2, Chapter 7

  • Winston awakes one morning in the room atop Mr. Charrington's shop, crying. He tells Julia about his dreams of the past — repressed memories of his childhood revealed. Up until this moment, Winston has believed that he had murdered his mother. But the dream says differently.
  • Winston tells Julia that the Party has made them inhuman by severing familial ties and loyalties, and by its attempt to alter histories. The proles, he says, are the only human creatures left.
  • Winston and Julia discuss their future actions, given O'Brien's contact.
  • The two acknowledge the possibility of 1) torture and 2) death if they get caught.
  • "Whatever," they say (roughly speaking,) "as long as we stay true to each other."
  • Winston feebly claims that confession is not betrayal, as long as you know on the inside that you are right. This is like integrity lite, or the diet version of principles.

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