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1 Chronicles Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Just Being Fruitful and Multiplying

  • Thought we were done with Judah? Think again. The author returns to listing all of Judah's descendants. We thought that other list looked kind of sparse.
  • One of the standouts in later generations is Jabez, who prays that God will bless him and protect him. Oh, and give him some more land. God's impressed with Jabez's chutzpah, so he goes ahead and blesses him.
  • We also get an idea of what happened to one of Jacob's other sons, Simeon. He also had some sons, but not enough to keep the family line going.
  • Because this tribe was so small, it pretty much died out by the time David becomes king.
  • Guess he didn't take all that "be fruitful and multiply" talk too seriously.

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