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1 Chronicles Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Jacob and (Even More) Sons

  • Jacob's other sons all lived in the Northern Kingdom of Israel, too.
  • There's Issachar. He had sons who were awesome fighters.
  • Benjamin was pretty great, too. Lots of sons. Lots of warriors.
  • Naphtali? He had a couple kids. No biggie.
  • And Manasseh. Sure, half of his tribe joined up with the folks from Reuben and Gad, but the rest of them stayed with the big flock and multiplied.
  • Ephraim—he eventually had a pretty important descendant named Joshua who led the Israelites into the Promised Land after Moses died.
  • And don't forget, Asher. He was busy having sons and begetting all kinds of great warriors.
  • Of course none of these super soldiers helped the people when the Assyrian Empire came knocking and kicked these folks out of their land. They were too powerful.
  • The one thing that's weird about this section is that the Chronicler seems to have left out Dan and Zebulon's descendants. So much for his chronicling skills.

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