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1 Chronicles Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

David Reigns Supreme

  • Who will step up to rule Israel?
  • How about David, the guy God's been trying to get onto the throne for a while now?
  • So David marches into Hebron and everyone in Israel goes with him and pledges their loyalty. After all, they point out, Saul might have been king but David was the one actually running the show.
  • First things first. David needs to take control of Jerusalem. He marches into town and kicks out the Jebusites who were living there.
  • David wins pretty handily (thanks to some help from his pal Joab) and takes charge of the city which becomes known from that moment on as "the city of David." He who claims it, names it.
  • What's the best way to celebrate a land grab like this? Tell some more war stories. The Chronicler drops a few quick tidbits about battles David and his fellow warriors have won throughout the years.
  • Like those Philistines they beat in the barley field? Or the time David wanted some water from Bethlehem and his men got it? Good times.
  • He also name-drops some individual soldiers and their deeds. These guys fought with David and supported him while he was king.

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