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1 Chronicles Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

David Rallies the Troops

  • We know we promised no more genealogies, but we are in for some pretty heavy duty lists in this chapter.
  • There's a list of the guys who followed David before he was king. They were from the tribe of Benjamin so they were related to Saul.
  • There were also some warriors from Gad's tribe that teamed up with him. Oh, and don't forget those joiners from the tribes of Benjamin and Judah.
  • These guys came in handy when David was hanging out in the mountains (even though he was a little leery of them at first… they could be double agents).
  • Men from Manasseh's tribes came over to David's side when they saw him trample the Philistines. That battle between him and Goliath was pretty epic.
  • After David becomes king even more people rally to his side. We're talking tens of thousands of soldiers from every one of the 12 tribes of Israel.
  • Everyone comes to Hebron for a huge coronation in David's honor.

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