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1 Chronicles Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

A Warrior King's Job Is Never Done

  • It's springtime and we're still at war.
  • This time Joab is marching on a city named Rabbah. David's at home in Jerusalem because it's dangerous out there on the battlefield and David is just way too important to risk his life.
  • But he manages to show up anyway. David takes all kinds of booty from the city and gets the people working. Then he heads back to Jerusalem.
  • Meanwhile, the Philistines are still kicking around. Seriously, how many of these guys does David have to kill before they just go away?
  • David's main men fight off a whole bunch of Philistine giants. Remember that time David killed Goliath? Well, these guys are relatives of that same Goliath.
  • A soldier named Elhanan kills Goliath's brother. And David's own brother takes down another one of these not-so-gentle giants (this guy has six fingers on his right and left hands so you know he was bad news).

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