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1 Kings Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Solomon & Hiram Temple Construction Co., Ltd.

  • Hiram, the king of Tyre and a good friend of David's, sends his servants to congratulate Solomon on his new gig as king.
  • Solomon responds with a big idea: "My dad wasn't able to build a temple to God because he was busy fighting enemies on all sides his whole life. But the Lord told him that I would build it, and since Israel's at peace, I think I'll get started. Since you guys are the best lumberjacks, what say you provide the cedar lumber we need?"
  • Hiram thinks that's a great idea, so he provides cedar and fir lumber in exchange for tons of wheat and oil. Thus, a great timber partnership is born. And there is much rejoicing.
  • As temple construction ramps up, Solomon conscripts thousands of forced laborers to harvest and cut timber and quarry and cut stone. He's not messin' around.

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