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1 Kings Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Ahijah Prophecies, Abijah Dies

  • Jerry has a son named Abijah (not to be confused with Ahijah) who gets really sick.
  • Jerry says to his wife, "Disguise yourself and go to Ahijah the prophet and give him some gifts and find out what's going to happen to our son, only don't let him know you're my wife."
  • So she goes in disguise to visit Abijah. It turns out he's old and blind, but the Lord tells him that Jerry's wife's going to come ask about her son, so he knows it's her when she shows up.
  • He tells her that because Jerry worshipped idols after God gave him the kingdom, he will take away all of Jerry's descendants. Dogs will eat those of his family who die in the city, and birds will eat those who die in the field.
  • Their son will die as soon as Jerry's wife's feet enter into the city, because God will take away everything good in his house, and raise up a new king instead.
  • Oh—and God will also smite and scatter Israel because of Jerry's wickedness and that of Israel.
  • Jerry's wife goes home, and as soon as her foot touches the threshold of her house, Abijah dies. That's a bummer.
  • All told, Jeroboam reigns for twenty two years, and then he dies and his son Nadab becomes king.
  • Meanwhile, back in Judah, Ray is made king when he's fourty one years old, and he presides over seventeen years of wickedness in Jerusalem.
  • The people are worshipping idols and building pagan temples, and there are all these ritualistic temple prostitutes running around everywhere. God's not happy.
  • And during the fifth year of Ray's reign, King Shishak of Egypt comes and plunders Jerusalem's treasures. He sacks the temple and Ray's palace, and steals all of the gold shields Solomon has made. Now Ray has to use bronze shields.
  • And despite what God said back in chapter 12 about not fighting, Jerry and Ray fight constantly throughout their reigns.
  • Finally, Ray dies and is buried, and his son Abijam (not to be confused with Abijah) rules in his place.

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