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1 Kings Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Enter Elijah

  • There's this Tishbite named Elijah. He says to Ahab, "In the name of God, it's not gonna rain 'til I tell it to."
  • The Lord tells Elijah to go hide by a stream, and ravens will feed him.
  • He does, and they do. He gets bread and meat morning and evening from the ravens, and drinks water from the stream.
  • But then it dries up (because it's not raining anymore), so the Lord tells him to go live in Zarephath. A widow there will take care of him.
  • Elijah goes, and sure enough when he gets there there's a widow gathering sticks for a fire.
  • He asks her to get him a drink of water and some bread, but she tells him that she's about to use the last of her meal and oil to make one final meal for her and her son before they starve to death.
  • But Elijah tells her, "Don't worry. Feed me first, and God won't let your food run out until the rains come again."
  • She believes Elijah, feeds him first, and—as promised—their food doesn't run out.
  • Despite this, though, the widow's son gets really sick and dies.
  • The woman wonders if God sent Elijah to kill her son as punishment for some sin she's committed.
  • But Elijah takes the son and carries him upstairs, and prays for God to restore the boy's soul to him.
  • And God does, and now the woman knows that Elijah is a man of God who speaks the truth.

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