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1 Samuel Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

A Curse Upon Your House

  • Hannah, much like hobbits and dwarves, likes to sing. She proclaims a song to the Lord, some parts praise, other parts criticism of other people. This is pretty much in line with how we rock in the car.
  • Hannah likes to proclaim things in generalities, so it's hard to pin down exactly whom she's talking about, but we can be dang sure one thing is gloating about having a child (1-10).
  • Eli the priest had two sons, Hophni and Phinehas. Hophni and Phinehas are what the Bible calls scoundrels, i.e. greedy idiots.
  • These dastardly sons of anarchy enjoy taking more than their share of the sacrifices and sleeping around with women (11-17). Typical kids—always wanting more and more from mom and dad.
  • As a thank you every year, Hannah knits Eli a new Christmas sweater. Oops, we mean she makes him a fancy new robe.
  • Eli blesses Hannah for bringing Samuel to the Lord and because of Hannah's sacrifice, she is honored with three sons and two daughters. They're lucky and don't have to live at the temple (18-21) like their bro.
  • When Eli goes to confront his sons about their corruptness, God blocks up the two sons' ears (presumably with wax) because God wants them to die. A little harsh if you ask us, but hey, who are we to argue?
  • Even though Eli attempts to tame his sons, the Israelites still bring bad reports back to him about their behavior. In contrast, everyone seems to really like Samuel (22-26).
  • Soon after, a man of God comes to visit Eli and pronounces a judgment upon Eli's house. He claims that no one in Eli's family will live to see old age and that both his sons will die in the same day.
  • Spoiler alert: this happens in Chapter 4 (27-35).

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