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1 Samuel Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


  • One night, while Samuel gently slumbers, he hears a voice calling his name. Rising from his bed, Samuel goes to see Eli asking if he was called.
  • Eli, doing no such thing, sends him back to bed.
  • Later that night, Samuel hears his name again and returns to Eli.
  • Again, Eli sends him packing off to bed.
  • As Samuel dozes again, he hears his name being called.
  • Eli, now invested, tells Samuel to answer back because it's God calling his name (1-9).
  • God relays the misery that will plague Eli's house.
  • In the morning, Samuel hesitates to tell Eli the news because seriously, who wants to be the messenger of "your whole family is going to die!"?
  • After some prompting, Samuel spills the beans, but Eli simply says God's will is not for anyone to change. Eli has nerves of steel (before steel was invented).
  • After this, Samuel is decreed a true prophet of God (10-21), and the story really gets going.

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