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1 Samuel Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Ranting Storms

  • Samuel is now old and asks Israel if he has ever done any wrong against them.
  • They respond saying he's always done the right thing, which is very nice of them to say. It's possible Samuel is trying to have Israel question why they requested a king if they weren't unhappy with Samuel (1-6).
  • Samuel, in true old man style, recounts the Israelite history to those gathered. Starting with Jacob and working upwards until the most recent events with the eye gouging, Samuel tells everyone that if they and the king serve God well, Israel will be blessed.
  • Basically, Samuel doesn't want Israel to make the same mistakes as their ancestors. Like that lesson is ever learned, we say sarcastically (7-15).
  • Samuel tops all of this off by saying that God is displeased they asked for a king and will send storms to punish them.
  • God indeed does this and the people become afraid, asking Samuel to pray for them.
  • Samuel tells them not to fear and that if they continue to worship and love God, all will be well. If they don't, terrible things will happen to their king. If you ask us, Saul really got the fuzzy end of this lollipop (16-25).

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