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1 Samuel Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Naked Frenzies

  • Jonathan learns of Saul's plot to kill David, so like a good BFF, he warns the future king of Saul's evil plan. Jonathan then convinces his father not to kill David for the time being. Because Saul is full of crazy, no one is sure how long this will last (1-7).
  • Meanwhile, David's busy winning more battles against the Philistines, growing even more popular than he was before.
  • In the middle of all of this, David still has time to play his lyre for Saul, even in the face of death. This time, just like the last time, Saul tries to kill David with his spears. No, that is not a euphemism. David again escapes with his life (8-10).
  • Saul sends hit men to David's house because Saul is incapable of killing David himself.
  • While David escapes out the window, his wife Michal attempts to stall the guards.
  • After she's discovered, Saul wonders why his own daughter isn't taking his side. A good question, but one we can answer... because you're crazy, Saul.
  • When questioned, Michal tells her father that David threatened to kill her. Whose side is she really on, anyway (11-26)?
  • David goes to Ramah to hide out with Samuel.
  • Though Saul sends hit men after David again, every group runs into prophets that cause them to go into a frenzy. Saul finally goes to investigate himself and he also is sent into a prophetic frenzy.
  • He frenzies so much, he ends up stripping naked and laying in the street all night. We're starting to feel sorry for Saul, but not really (27-30).

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