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1 Samuel Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Best Dad Award

  • Our poor David does not understand why Saul wants to kill him so stinkin' much.
  • Jonathan tells David he will do everything in his power to save David's life. What are besties for, after all (1-4)?
  • David learns he's supposed to dine at Saul's table for dinner, but doesn't know if it's safe or not. So Jonathan devises a plan explaining how he will let David know of Saul's intentions:
  • (1) David is to hide behind a stone.
  • (2) Jonathan will come out and shoot three arrows.
  • (3) He will send a boy to retrieve them. If he says the arrows are on one side, then David is safe. If he tells the boy that the arrows are beyond him, then David has reason to fear Saul (5-23).
  • Noticing that David's not around, Saul decides to question Jonathan about his whereabouts. Jonathan straight up lies to his dad.
  • Infuriated (because he knows Jonathan is lying), Saul hurdles a spear at his own son. And the best dad of the year award goes to Saul.
  • No worries, though: Jonathan scurries away unharmed and puts his plan into action. Once David knows from the arrows that Saul means to kill David, he says his goodbyes to Jonathan and flees (24-42).

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