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1 Samuel Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Earning some XP

  • David comes to see the priest Ahimelech to get food. He tells the priest that he's on a secret mission for the king. Rule number one about secret missions: don't say you're on a secret mission.
  • After eating some holy bread, David asks for weapons for himself and the men with him (because why not escape in secret with an entourage?).
  • Ahimelech says the only weapon available is the sword of Goliath, which David happily claims for himself. David has leveled up and has earn 300XP (1-9).
  • Desperate, David goes to see the Philistine king Achish. He becomes afraid of Achish and thinks that coming to Israel's enemies for help was not such a good idea.
  • To get out of his predicament, David pretends to be crazy by scratching marks on the door of the gate and letting spit run down his beard.
  • Achish thinks David is insane and sends him away (10-15).

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