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1 Samuel Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

David a.k.a. Robin Hood

  • The Philistines are robbing grain at Keilah, so David and his men go attack them.
  • Even though Saul is after them, David still knows he needs to protect the people for God.
  • After David defeats the Philistines, Saul learns of David's whereabouts (1-8).
  • David learns that Saul is coming for him and he starts freaking out.
  • God informs David that the people will turn him over to Saul this time, which is a hard lesson for David because even though he was acting on the people's behalf, they were willing to stab him in the back (9-13).
  • Even though Saul is unable to find David, Jonathan finds him no problem. BFFs can be like that. Jonathan encourages David to keep fighting the good fight because one day he will be king of Israel as God intends (14-18).
  • Saul learns that David is staying in the wilderness of Ziph with his merry men a la Robin Hood. Saul starts chasing through Ziph and a variety of other areas.
  • Unfortunately for Saul, David is quick as lightning and always avoids danger. At one point, Saul and his men are on one side of a mountain and David and his men are on the other side. Tough luck, Saul.
  • Saul gets word the Philistines are raiding the land. For once, Saul makes a good decision and goes to defend the Israelites against the Philistines (15-29).

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