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1 Samuel Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

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  • Saul keeps chasing after David, but he eventually has to stop and go to the bathroom because even crazy kings have to pee.
  • He goes into a cave to relieve himself and unfortunately for Saul, David and his men just happen to be in the innermost part of the cave.
  • David's men believe that God is giving David an opportunity to kill Saul, but instead of killing him, he just cuts off a corner of his cloak. Which, hey reminds us of 1 Samuel 15:27-28. In those verses, Saul tore off a piece of Samuel's robe to which Samuel told him that the kingdom would be torn away from him and given to someone else.
  • David has a chance to take the kingdom on this day, but he chooses to let Saul live and leave the cave (1-7).
  • David follows Saul outside and shows him the part of the cloak he cut off. He tells Saul he could have taken his life, but spared him instead.
  • Basically, David is trying to tell Saul that he isn't a threat to the anointed king.
  • Saul goes off on his own, relieved not to be dead. Do you think that Saul will have a change of heart and stop hunting David? Yeah, we don't think so either. And we're usually right (8-22).

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