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1 Samuel Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Spared Your Life... Again

  • David sends out spies from Ziph to see what Saul is up to.
  • His men volunteer to stab Saul with a spear while he sleeps, but David refuses, believing that God will end Saul's life when the time is right.
  • Instead, David sneaks up to the camp to talk to Saul (1-16).
  • David wakes Saul up like a creep and they chat. David again tells Saul that he had the opportunity to kill him and didn't.
  • He hopes that these actions will cause Saul to stop crusading against him. Saul blesses David for not killing him and hopes he has a successful life. This, again, is only temporary as Saul is still the king of crazy (17-25).

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