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1 Samuel Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

He's Back, Baby

  • King Achish is so impressed by David he makes him bodyguard for life. Hooray for David (1-2).
  • Meanwhile, Saul is starting to get desperate. Now that David is with the Philistines (or so everyone thinks), he's even more powerful than before.
  • The Bible tells us that previously in his time as king, Saul had the wizards and witches put to death because they were against God. Sorry, no ancient Hogwarts for you. Unfortunately for Saul, he's so desperate, he's now turning to magic to aid him, despite his past beliefs (3).
  • One of Saul's men reveals that there is a medium living in Endor. No, not the one with the Ewoks. Saul disguises himself and sets out immediately to talk with her (4-10).
  • Once Saul arrives, the medium knows that she is speaking with the king. Either she's really good at her job or Saul is a terrible master of disguise. We're thinking a little from column A and a little from column B.
  • The medium has Saul look into a cauldron. An lo'! From out of the cauldron comes the ghost of Samuel. We told you he'd be back (11-14).
  • Samuel is Mr. Grumpy Robe for being awoken from the dead. In his grumpy state, Samuel tells Saul that God has given the kingdom over to David.
  • He also tells Saul that he and his sons will die in battle the next day. Ghost Samuel leaves Saul crying on the ground in the fetal position. But don't worry, the nice medium makes Saul food to comfort him. Gives new meaning to the term "comfort food" (15-25).

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