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2 Chronicles Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Planning for the Temple

  • The next step for Solomon? Let's get that Temple in Jerusalem built. It's what his father would have wanted.
  • Solomon gets skilled laborers to work in the Temple. When the king says build a temple, you build a temple.
  • And even though David left behind tons of building materials in 1 Chronicles, Solomon realizes he's gonna come up a bit short. So he reaches out to King Huram of Tyre.
  • Solomon reminds Huram what a great relationship he had with David and then explains what he's doing: building the greatest house ever known to man or God.
  • He asks Huram to send artists to work on the Temple so that they can build all kinds of beautiful and impressive stuff to decorate it. He'd also like some wood from Lebanon. That's the best kind.
  • In exchange for all this, Solomon promises to take care of the workers that Huram sends. Sounds like a deal.
  • Huram agrees and sends his blessings. He praises Solomon's wisdom (it's showing already) and tells him how spectacular the Temple will be. And how great that palace Solomon's working on for himself is going to turn out, too. Way to sneak that one in there, Solomon.
  • Once all the workers from Tyre arrive, Solomon takes a new census. The foreign laborers are welcomed into the fold and everyone gets to work.

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