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2 Chronicles Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

More Wars, More Problems

  • This time, the Moabites and Ammonites (along with some Meunites) come gunning for Judah.
  • King Jehoshaphat is pretty freaked out because they've got lots of soldiers. When your war looks unwinnable, who ya gonna call?
  • Yahweh.
  • Jehoshaphat prays to God and tells the Almighty that they're nothing without him. They're totally relying on God to win this one.
  • Remember, God, you did tell everyone down there in Judah that if they loved you and followed your laws you would help them. Seems like now would be the perfect time to do that.
  • God lets everyone know that he'll take their side in the battle the next day. No worries. He's got this.
  • Everyone is relieved and they praise God.
  • The next morning, Jehoshaphat tells everyone to keep the faith and arranges for some singers to praise God.
  • God follows through. He sends an ambush for the enemy and they all end up attacking and fighting each other instead.
  • Once all the fighting's over and everyone in the Moabite and Ammonite armies are dead, the Judeans are free to pick through their corpses for things of value. The spoils of war, etc.
  • Everyone comes back into Jerusalem celebrating and praising God.
  • After that, neighboring countries leave Judah alone for a while.
  • Jehoshaphat ends up reigning over Judah for 25 years. He was just like his father because he did what was right and followed God.
  • Well, most of the time. There was that little incident with King Ahaziah of Israel. Jehoshaphat helped Ahaziah build some ships and God didn't much like that so he wrecked all the ships.
  • But all in all, good job, Jehoshaphat.

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