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2 Chronicles Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

King Uzziah Has Bad Skin

  • King Uzziah is next up to bat for Judah.
  • He reigns for 52 years and does a whole bunch of awesome stuff. He wins wars, he makes allies, he builds up cities, he develops agricultural systems, and he creates a mighty army.
  • But pride comes before a fall. King Uzziah gets so powerful that he starts to get over-confident.
  • One day, he decides that he'd like to step into the Temple to make some offerings.
  • Only the high priests can make offerings in the Temple and they warn him to get out.
  • While Uzziah's reading the riot act to the priests, he breaks out in a huge rash all over his face right there in the Temple.
  • After that, he's considered "leprous" so he can't enter the Temple ever again.
  • He's so sick that his son Jotham has to take over his kingly duties until he dies.

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