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2 Chronicles Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

King Hezekiah Rules

  • Things really turn around when Ahaz's son Hezekiah takes the throne.
  • He knows that the country has suffered because his father wasn't faithful to God. Finally, a king who gets it.
  • Hezekiah immediately gets the priests and Levites to put everything in order in the Temple. Out with those idols and altars that Ahaz had built.
  • Once everything is sanctified, Hezekiah throws a huge party.
  • Everyone praises God and atonement sacrifices are offered by the priests. Everything is done exactly the way David would have done it. They even sing David's Greatest Hits.
  • So many people brought animals for offerings that the priests had to ask for the Levites' help to sacrifice them all.
  • Hezekiah's amazed at what God enabled the people to accomplish so quickly.

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