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2 Kings Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

A Little Mood Music, Thanks

  • Ahab's son, Joram, becomes the new king of Israel. He's still doing wicked deeds, following Jeroboam's sins, but he gets rid of the sacred stone to Baal his father had made.
  • The king of Moab gets tired of paying tribute (in the form of sheep) to Joram, so he revolts.
  • The king of Judah, Jehoshaphat, agrees to help Joram put down the rebellion.
  • They lead their joint-army through the desert of Moab, but run out of food and water.
  • Jehoshaphat asks if there are any prophets around these parts, and Joram says that Elisha's somewhere nearby. So they go pay him a visit.
  • Annoyed, Elisha tells Joram to go ask the pagan prophets about his parents, but Joram says no.
  • Elisha agrees to give advice but only, he says, because he respects Jehoshaphat.
  • He asks a harpist to come in and play. As the harpist plays, Elisha prophesies. Speaking through Elisha, God says that he'll fill the land with water in pools, so they and their animals can drink.
  • Then, he'll let them totally put down Moab's rebellion, destroying every major town and fort.

Blood in the Water

  • In the morning, the land is filled with pools of water. The Moabites see the sun reflecting off the pools in the color of blood and they think the armies of Judah and Israel fought and killed each other in the night.
  • The Moabites attack, but are defeated when the Israelites get up, kill everybody, and ravage Moab. They also throw stones on the fields to cover and ruin them.
  • However, in a last-ditch attempt to save himself, the king of Moab sacrifices his first-born son on the wall of his city.
  • This causes either the wrath of the god Chemosh, or a kind of disgust and outrage, to infect the Israelites. They return back to their own lands.

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