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2 Kings Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Bringing Up Baby

  • When Ahaziah's mom Athaliah finds out that he's dead, she orders a killing spree of the rest of the royal family so that she'll be the only one with power.
  • Fortunately, the daughter of King Joram, Jehosheba, manages to hide Ahaziah's son Joash, saving him from the massacre of the other royal children.
  • Little Joash and his nurse survive the six-year reign of Athaliah in hiding.
  • In the seventh year, the priest Jehoiada summons a group of soldiers and has them make an oath in the Lord's Temple, swearing to defend Joash and divvying up their guard duties so that the child will have a permanent guard.
  • Jehoiada commands them to kill anyone who tries to break their ranks.
  • They do everything he tells them to do. Jehoiada provides them with swords and shields that once belonged to David.
  • Jehoiada anoints Joash king, crowning him, and the soldiers cheer.


  • Athaliah sneaks into the temple and sees Joash being made king and the people rejoicing. She cries out "Treason!" and tears her clothes.
  • Jehoiada tells the soldiers to capture her and kill anyone who tries to follow her—but he doesn't want Athaliah killed in the temple.
  • So they drag her outside and kill her at the horses' entrance to the king's house.
  • Jehoiada makes a covenant between Joash and all the people to only be the Lord's, from now on.
  • So they go out and destroy Baal's temple and kill the head priest, Mattan.
  • Jehoiada has some soldiers guard God's temple. Some other soldiers and the people head to the king's house and Joash takes his place on the throne.
  • Everyone celebrates. Joash (also called Jehoash) is seven when he starts his reign.

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