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Acts of the Apostles Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The Easiest Way to Pass Spanish 101

  • Fifty days after Passover, Pentecost comes around.
  • All the apostles are hanging around together when the sound of a really strong wind rushes through the house. Tornado? Nope. Just some "tongues of fire" that drift into the house and then settle on each of the apostles. No biggie, right?
  • But the really cool thing is, all the apostles can now speak in any other language. That's pretty darn handy.
  • Other Jewish folks in Jerusalem hear this ruckus and come to check it out.
  • They're pretty amazed that the twelve apostles—who they know are from Galilee—can perfectly speak dozens and dozens of different languages.
  • Some people are awed and others just think the apostles are a bunch of crazy drunks. Crazy drunks who are really good at ancient Arabic.

Simon Peter: Motivational Speaker

  • Peter decides to give a speech. He claims the apostles aren't drunk, and instead that what's happening here is what the prophet Joel (from the Hebrew Bible) predicted would happen.
  • God is just pouring out his spirit so that everyone is able to prophecy. Joel said this would all happen before God decides to end the world.
  • This will also probably involve the moon turning to blood. So there's that to look forward to.
  • Peter then goes on to tell them a little bit about Jesus and how he is the fulfillment of everything it says in Hebrew scripture. Jesus is cool like that.
  • He quotes a couple psalms to prove that Jesus is the Messiah they've all been waiting for.

They're Converted

  • Apparently Peter's a really good public speaker, because this convinces about 3,000 people in the crowd. They all decide to repent and be baptized so that their sins can be forgiven and all that. As a bonus, they also receive the gift of the Holy Sprit. It's that or a nice set of steak knives.
  • These new Christians spend their time hanging with the apostles and each other, breaking bread together, and praying. Good times abound.
  • They also sell all their stuff and distribute the money among the whole community so that everyone can be equal. Sounds a bit like a hippie commune. Kumbaya.

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