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Acts of the Apostles Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Healing Powers

  • One day, Peter and John are taking a stroll through the temple in Jerusalem when they see a man who can't walk. The poor guy is begging for money at one of the gates.
  • Peter tells the man to look at him and the guy does (he thinks they're gonna give him some much needed cash). But Peter tells him he doesn't have any money for him (bummer). Instead he does bring some pretty cool miracles in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • Oh, tell us more, Peter.
  • He grabs the man's hand and pulls him up. Crazily enough, the dude can walk now. In fact, he's so strong, he can jump and shout and praise God all over the temple. Yeah, miracles are pretty awesome.

Why So Amazed?

  • So, the temple goers see the guy and realize he's been healed and they're pretty darn amazed.
  • Peter tells them there's no need to be so weirded out. The same God that they worship in the temple brought Jesus into the world. The apostles now can perform miracles in his name. Simple, right?
  • Of course, these same folks hanging out in the temple weren't too interested in hearing this a little over fifty days ago when they turned Jesus over to the Romans to be executed. Yeah. Peter remembers you guys.
  • But never let it be said that the disciples of Christ are not forgiving guys. If the people repent and get on the Jesus train their sins are totally gonna be forgiven. Sweet!
  • Peter name checks Moses, Samuel, and Abraham to let the people know he means business. The Jewish people need to start listening to Jesus (and, by extension, his apostles). Otherwise, things are not gonna be pretty. Harsh, God, harsh.

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