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Acts of the Apostles Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Paul In Cyprus

  • In Antioch there are a group of prophets and teachers hanging around, but God singles out Barnabas and Saul for some special duties.
  • The pair head over to Cyprus where they run into a Jewish false prophet named Bar-Jesus.
  • When the Roman governor in the area asks Saul and Barnabas to come chat with him about Jesus, Bar-Jesus tells the governor that they're just spewing lies. Oh, Bar-Jesus.
  • Saul (who, did we mention, is better known as Paul?) tells Bar-Jesus that he's a terrible, awful, no good guy and that he's gonna be blind for a while. It matches his spiritual blindness.
  • Sure enough, Bar-Jesus goes blind and the governor believes that what Saul/Paul said about Jesus must be true. After all, if you can blind a guy, you must be holy, right?

Paul In Galatia

  • Paul and friends leave Cyprus and head to Galatia where they head straight for the synagogue. The religious officials there invite them to speak (this is a first).
  • Paul stands up and gives a little speech about the history of the Jewish people leading up to King David. From David, Paul claims, comes Jesus, who is the fulfillment of everything God has ever promised the Jewish people. Yay!
  • Of course, the folks down in Jerusalem didn't realize this (even though it was obvious) and they had Jesus put to death on trumped up charges.
  • Paul ends by telling that they can free themselves from sin if they put their faith in Jesus (and, of course, God). Everyone that doesn't listen is going to die. Metaphorically, of course.
  • As Paul and Barnabas are leaving, the people in the synagogue ask them to come back next week to talk some more. (Wow, this visit went well!) Loads of people start to become followers of Jesus, too.
  • The following week, almost the entire city turns out to hear Paul preach (he's quite a draw). But there's a group of Jews who aren't so pleased with what's going on, and they let everyone know that they think Paul's full of it.
  • Paul and Barnabas tell everyone that the good news about Jesus was passed on to the Jewish people first. But since they're so good at rejecting it, God has asked them to move onto the Gentiles. Don't be upset when you see that they've run out of good spots in Heaven, guys.
  • Lots of Gentiles start following Jesus after this, but the naysayers get someone to spread rumors about Paul and Barnabas and they're forced to leave town and head for Iconium. Preaching ain't easy.

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