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Acts of the Apostles Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Paul In Philippi

  • After all the craziness dies down, Paul leaves town to travel a bit more.
  • He winds up in Philippi, where he celebrates Passover with his travelling buddies.
  • One day, Paul is discussing stuff with his companions and keeps going on until midnight. A guy named Eutychus dozes off during his speech and falls out a third-story window. The moral of the story: don't fall asleep when Paul is talking.
  • Everyone thinks Eutychus has bit the bullet, but when Paul goes down to check out the body, he tells everyone not to worry. He's not dead yet!
  • Then Paul goes back upstairs and keeps talking until the sun comes up. Everyone else wisely moves away from the open windows.

This Is The End

  • Paul leaves town. On his way to Jerusalem, he meets with the church elders in Ephesus.
  • He tells them that he has faithfully served God (even when times got tough). Now he's on his way to Jerusalem and the Ephesian Christians will never see him again. (Jerusalem can be a tough crowd.)
  • He tells them to stay strong after he's gone, remember everything he taught them about Jesus, and not to let anyone tell them otherwise.
  • Paul explains that he never took charity and always supported himself because he could. He quotes Jesus's words, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."
  • Naturally, this speech bums everyone out. They're all crying because they're never gonna see Paul again. Tissues all around!

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