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Acts of the Apostles Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Festus Takes The Reins

  • As soon as Festus takes charge, he makes a little trip to Jerusalem. The Jewish authorities there chew his ear off about Paul.
  • The religious authorities want Paul transferred back to Jerusalem (where they can finish up their murder/death/kill plot). We're guessing they gave up on the whole not-eating-until-Paul-is-dead thing.
  • But Festus is all like, No, come to Caesarea and we'll totally do a trial. Dude, we just did that two years ago. Roman bureaucracy is the worst.
  • About a week and a half later, everyone is back in Caesarea and it's trial time.
  • The Jewish guys from Jerusalem say a bunch of completely untrue stuff about Paul. Typical.
  • Then it's Paul's turn. His defense: not guilty.
  • Festus says that since it sounds like they're all disputing over Jewish religious stuff, maybe Paul should just head down to Jerusalem and face trial there (maybe then the council members can kill Paul and Festus can cross one thing off his to-do list).
  • But Paul says he's appealing to the emperor's tribunal in Rome. Darn. He's headed up to the highest court in the land. He hasn't done anything wrong to the Jewish people, so why should they try him? To the emperor it is!
  • Several days later, King Agrippa and his sister, Bernice, come into town and stop by Festus's house.
  • Festus discusses the case with Agrippa, who decides he wants to meet this Paul guy. Maybe they can figure out something intelligent to tell the emperor about him.
  • Two heads are better than one.

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