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Acts of the Apostles Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Paul Before King Agrippa

  • When King Agrippa tells Paul to go ahead and talk, he does. Oh, he does.
  • Paul starts by sucking up to Agrippa a bit (not a bad idea). The king knows about Jewish customs and he should know that Paul has lived a good Jewish life. He even persecuted Christians for their crazy, wacky beliefs. Oh, Paul.
  • Everything changed one day when he was on his way to Damascus and… well, you know the rest of that story.
  • After his conversion, Paul explains that he roamed all over the place spreading the good word about Jesus.
  • That's why the Jewish authorities had him arrested even though he didn't even do anything wrong. He's only been talking about Jesus this whole time. The same Jesus who Jewish prophets and scripture predicted would come. So what's so terrible and anti-Jewish about that?

Don't You Want To Convert?

  • Festus tells Paul that he sounds nuttier than a fruitcake.
  • But Paul says he's not mental, and he asks King Agrippa if he believes in the Jewish prophets.
  • Geez, trying to convert me to Christianity already? Agrippa asks. At least buy a guy a drink first, Paul.
  • Paul says that he hopes everyone will come to believe in Jesus and to be like him—um, except for the chains he's wearing right now.
  • Those people could do without.
  • Agrippa has heard enough. When he leaves with Festus, he tells him that he can see Paul hasn't done anything wrong. Too bad he had to go and appeal to the emperor. Otherwise they could have let him go free today. Major bummer.

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