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Acts of the Apostles Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Paul In Malta

  • Turns out they shipwrecked on Malta. Luckily, all the native people are really nice to them and welcome everyone. Awww.
  • The first night, Paul and company are sitting around a fire with some of the folks from Malta when a viper jumps out and bites Paul's hand. Freaky. Looks like Paul is dead now for sure. That is a poisonous viper.
  • But you know Paul. He just shakes the viper off into the fire. No biggie. The Maltese are amazed that he hasn't dropped dead yet. They think that Paul might be a god or something. We've heard that before.
  • A while later, Paul heals a man who's sick with dysentery. After the Maltese people see this, they flock to Paul to get all kinds of cures.
  • Three months later, when they get a new ship to sail on, the Maltese give Paul and his friends some food and supplies for the journey.
  • Maltese people are good people.
  • After making a few more stops (and converting some more folks), Paul and company finally arrive in Rome.

When In Rome

  • The Roman Christians come out to greet Paul and, even though he's still a prisoner, Paul is allowed to live by himself there (well, along with the solider that's been guarding him).
  • Three days after arriving in Rome, Paul decides to meet with the Jewish leaders in town and tell his story. He says he's been wrongly accused by their fellow Jews and sent to Rome to stand trail.
  • The Jews in Rome have never heard anything bad about him, so they're open to listening to whatever he has to say. That's when Paul is at his most awesome.
  • He sets up a time to meet at his home (What? No synagogue?) with a bunch of the Jews in town, and he tells them what he knows about Jesus.
  • Some folks believe him and some think he's off his rocker (as usual).
  • Before they leave, Paul quotes Isaiah 6:9-10. He tells them that God knew they wouldn't believe all the good things he had to tell them.
  • Now the message has to go to the Gentiles. They're the ones who are gonna listen. Snap.
  • Paul lives in Rome for two more years and continues to preach and teach about Jesus. No one can stop him. And… we're done. Whew!

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