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Book of Daniel Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Scared by an Angel

  • The text says that Daniel received a message from God during the reign of King Cyrus (one of the Persian kings). It spoke of a great conflict.
  • At that time, Daniel was in mourning, eating meagerly and avoiding meat and wine (back to the vegetarian diet again). He also had stopped anointing himself.
  • While standing on the bank of the river Tigris (these things have a tendency to happen at riversides) Daniel saw a man clothed in linen and wearing a gold belt. He also has a body like beryl (a gem-like mineral) and a face like lightning. His eyes are literally fiery, his arms and legs "gleam like burnished bronze," and his voice sounds like a whole crowd of roaring people.
  • The people who were with Daniel (he mentions now that there were people with him) couldn't see the man, but they started to tremble and then wimp out anyway, running off and leaving Daniel alone.
  • Daniel of course starts to get pale and lose his strength. He falls on the ground, face-first, and goes into a trance when he hears this impressive-looking character start to speak.

Archangel UFC

  • But the angel picks Daniel up, stands him on his feet, and tells him to listen. Daniel trembles, but the angel says he shouldn't be afraid. Because Daniel has been humble in front of God, his words have gained him a lot of press in heaven. This has caused the angel to come down and speak to him.
  • The angel says that he was locked in combat with "the Prince of Persia" (some sort of counter-angel who is a cosmic warrior in favor of Persia) for twenty-one days. The archangel Michael also helped him in waging this battle. In fact, he's the one holding down the fort so to speak, while this angel is chatting with Daniel.
  • The angel says he's going to tell Daniel things about what's going to happen to his people during the last days, now.
  • Daniel feels speechless and turns his face toward the ground, but "one in human form" (the angel) touches his lips, making him speak.
  • Dan says that he feels unworthy and too weak to be speaking with the angel. But the angel touches him and sends strength into him again, while telling him to be courageous.
  • The angel says that he still needs to go back and fight the Prince of Persia, and later the Prince of Greece, but first he will tell him words that are written in the "book of truth."
  • He also mentions the archangel Michael again, saying that he's the only one helping him to fight the Prince.

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