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Book of Daniel Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Strange Days, Indeed

  • The angel says: at that point in time, the archangel Michael will help the Jews and protect them.
  • The world will be wracked by anguish, but everyone whose name is "written in the book" will be saved.
  • At the end of time, everyone will be brought back from the dead. Some will be awakened to everlasting life and some to "shame and everlasting contempt."
  • The wise will shine with great luminousness, like stars, and lead other people to imitate them and behave well.
  • The angel tells Daniel to keep these revelations secret and not tell anyone. Evil is going to increase in the last days.

Get Some Rest

  • Then Daniel sees two other angels, both standing on opposite sides of the river. The one asks the other (who is dressed in linen and resembles a priest) how long it will take for all these wonders to end.
  • The other replies, "a time, two times, and half a time." When the holy ones of Israel have been totally humiliated and all their power has been taken from them, then the end will come and they will be saved.
  • Daniel doesn't fully understand. He asks what the ultimate outcome of all these events is going to be.
  • The angels tell him to go his way. They say that these revelations are secrets that needed to be hidden until the end.
  • The angels say that the good will be purified and cleansed of their sins, but the wicked will keep on being wicked. The wise will be able to understand these revelations, but the wicked won't.
  • After the "abomination that desolates" is set up in the temple, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days, but those who manage to live until one thousand three hundred and thirty five days afterward will be happy.
  • They tell Daniel to go and rest, that he will receive his rewards when he rises from the dead at the end of days.

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