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Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

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  • When they make it to the Promised Land, the Israelites should bring a fruit offering to God and recite a creed that recounts their history. Intrigued? Check out our discussion of "Memory and the Past" for more.
  • The Israelites must pay the tithe (1/10th) of their produce and give to the Levites and the needy. They must also recite a creed telling the Lord of their loyalty to the commandment and asking for God's blessing.
  • And finally, Moses is finished reviewing the laws with the people.
  • Whew.
  • Since the Israelites have agreed to God's terms, the Lord will raise them above the other nations (16-19). 
  • Hope you're still awake. We know, Deuteronomy is as much legal handbook as it is story.

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