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Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Returning to Prosperity

  • If the Israelites return to God when they see the destruction caused by idol worship, God will restore them. Even if they've been exiled, God will bring them back to the land. Nice loophole.
  • The people will receive the blessings of prosperity, and their enemies will be cursed.
  • God has given the Israelites the choice of life or death. Sorry, there's no door number three.
  • Remember, this is what we call the Doctrine of the Two Ways: the good are rewarded, and the evil are punished. (Check out "Theological Viewpoints" for more on this.)
  • Heaven and earth are called as witnesses to hear God's words and see what Israel's decides. Wondering how heaven and earth can be witness? Hop on over to our "Symbols" section to find out.

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