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Frankenstein Characters

By Mary Shelley

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Victor Frankenstein

If you ask us, it's no coincidence that people get Mr. Frankenstein and his monster mixed up. He...

The Monster

Poor monster. He has a face not even a mother/ mad scientist could love… but at least it...

Robert Walton

Henry Clerval

Elizabeth Lavenza

Alphonse Frankenstein

William Frankenstein

Justine Moritz

Caroline Frankenstein

Caroline is Victor's mom, and, like any boy raised right, he really loves her. After she dies of...

De Lacey

De Lacey is the Parisian-turned-blind-peasant who lives in a cottage with his son and daughter....

Felix, Safie, and Agatha

To be honest, Shelley lays it on really thick here. Take the names. Felix is Latin for...

Mr. Kirwin

Mr. Kirwin is the magistrate who accuses Victor of murder, but later is compassionate to him....

M. Waldman

M. Krempe

Krempe is Victor's natural philosophy professor and the worst academic advisor ever. He mocks...

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