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1 Chronicles Community

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During David's reign, Israel was more or less united in purpose behind the king. He managed to bring more or less everyone over to his side after the death of Saul and ruled over a united kingdom of all 12 tribes. How did he do it? We'll look at a bunch of ways. First, the country was in a constant state of war, which tends to pull people together against a common enemy. And it helps if your side wins. He marries the locals, lots of them. He has a few nationwide pet projects, like bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem and making plans for a Temple. He prays to God regularly on behalf of the people (in public). Best of all, he throws good parties and is generous in his handouts to everyone.

There weren't many times in the history of Israel up to this point when the nation was unified. It took the strength and charisma of a great leader to do that. God helped, too, of course.

Questions About Community

  1. Was the community too dependent on David as king for their success?
  2. Is David smart to seek out the guidance of the people? Or can this strategy have downfalls, too?
  3. The Chronicler emphasizes how united the people in Israel are. Do you think this is a realistic depiction of any society?

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