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Book of Deuteronomy Fear

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Is it better to be feared or loved?

Both. Michael Scott, Machiavelli, and God all agree.

In Deuteronomy, the Israelites act like the humans they are, freaking out when they see giants protecting the land they're supposed to conquer. But God wants the Israelites to fear him. And if they do that, they don't need to worry about the giants.

Questions About Fear

  1. Why do the Israelites struggle with fear in Deuteronomy?
  2. What does it mean to "fear God" or to have the "fear of the Lord"? Are we actually talking about being scared into doing something?
  3. What does God do to instill fear in the Israelites? Is that his goal?
  4. Why do the Israelites seem to be more scared of giants than they are of God?

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