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1-2 Thessalonians Good vs. Evil

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Good vs. Evil

Time for the ultimate showdown! At its heart, the Bible is really just an old-fashioned epic of good vs. evil. In the letters to the Thessalonians everyone is convinced that someday very soon, God will vanquish evil and reward good behavior. So if you find yourself aligning with Satan and the forces of evil, you might want to be out of town when Jesus comes back. Just a suggestion.

Questions About Good vs. Evil

  1. Paul is pretty sure that God is gonna knock out all evil one day. Why is he so optimistic?
  2. Who do you think the "man of sin" could be? Are there any modern parallels to this kind of figure?
  3. Satan gets name-dropped here a bit. What do you think Paul means when he invokes "the evil one?" Why would Satan be foiling all his plans?

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