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Hannah in 1 Samuel

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When we first meet Hannah, she's super down in the dumps because she has no children. Her husband Elkanah loves her, but he has another wife name Peninnah who has the power (or natural ability) to give Elkanah children. Bummer for Hannah, right?

When Hannah goes to the temple at Shiloh, she prays for a child, promising God that she'll give the child back to the Lord. God, being a super cool dude, grants her request and Samuel is born. So Hannah fulfills her promise and leaves Samuel at the temple when he is old enough to stay there (i.e. a baby). Hannah has other children, but she never forgets about Samuel and every year she makes a robe for him and brings it to the temple. We guess robes are better than ugly sweaters (1:1-28).

Hannah in some ways is in the tradition of Biblical women like Jochebed and Mary. All of these women gave up their sons for the glory of their God.

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