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2 Chronicles Home

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They say home is where the heart is. But for the Chronicler, home was also where God was. The main benefit to living in the Southern Kingdom of Judah is that it's where God resides. Solomon built that fabulous Temple and God's presence resides there in Jerusalem. Being close to the Temple meant being close to God so he could hear your prayers and offer forgiveness. People from all over the region came to Jerusalem for this reason. Since sacrifices and pilgrimage festivals could only be observed there, it was everyone's spiritual home.

Questions About Home

  1. Why would God need a house? Does the Creator of Heaven and Earth require a home or does the Temple have more to do with the way humans think about God?
  2. The fortunes of each king of Judah are tied to how he treats God's house. How does the Temple work as a symbol during each monarch's reign?
  3. God finally gets fed up and kicks the Jewish people out of the homeland he gave them. Why the eviction? And why let them come back again?

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