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1-2 Thessalonians Hope

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Hope. It's a warm, fuzzy word that makes us think of a future filled with rainbows, kittens, and all kinds of good things. But when Paul imagines the future, he sees anything but rainbow-colored kittens. He sees the destruction of the Earth and everlasting torment for the vast majority of people living on the planet. Good news, though: you can escape this whole God's wrath thing if you just listen to what Paul is telling you. Or so says Paul…

Questions About Hope

  1. Why is the end of the world a hopeful and happy day for Christians? Wouldn't it at least be a little sad to watch God's wrath pour down on non-believers?
  2. Is Paul's vision of the end of time really just one big revenge fantasy?
  3. How exactly does one qualify for the Rapture? Is just being a follower of Jesus enough or do you have to listen to Paul, too?
  4. What if you're pretty darn awesome, but not exactly "blameless?" Does close count in horseshoes and the apocalypse?
  5. Was Paul wrong about his belief that Jesus was coming soon? Or did he just get the dates mixed up?

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