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Jehoiakim (a.k.a. Eliakim) in 2 Kings

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Jehoiakim (a.k.a. Eliakim)

Jehoiakim was originally named Eliakim, but he landed his fancy new name after Pharaoh Neco deposes Jehoahaz and makes Jehoiakim the new King of Judeah. He's yet again a bad king, as far as the narrator is concerned. Of course, Jehoiakim has to pay tribute to the Pharaoh. He's not exactly an independent king, given the circumstances.

However, he ends up becoming the vassal of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon who has become the main ruler in the area, replacing the pharaoh. Yet, after three years of this, Jehoiakim revolts. He provokes Nebuchadnezzar to send armies to crush Judah and send everyone into exile (though this doesn't fully happen until Jehoiakim dies and his son Jehoiachin has succeeded him).

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