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Jehoshaphat in 2 Kings

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Jehoshaphat (whose name means "The Lord has Judged") is another one of the "good kings," a righteous ruler of Judah. When he teams up with the King of Israel, Jehoram, to defeat the Moabites, Elisha gives him advice. Elisha says he wouldn't waste his time advising an evil king like Jehoram, but he respects Jehoshaphat. God ends up causing a flood to break out which, in the sunrise, the Moabites mistake for the blood of the Israelites and the soldiers of Judah—who they think have turned to fighting each other. The Israelite joint-army wins a stunning defeat over the Moabites.

Unfortunately, Jehoshaphat's son (also named Jehoram, which can be really confusing) marries the daughter of Ahab: Athaliah (who, unsurprisingly, happens to be pretty evil). He manages to undo Jehoshaphat's good work.

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