Math Shaaa-aaack. That’s where it’s at!

Math Shack

Don’t let the name fool you! Our Shack is a mansion-sized resource for increasing those numeracy skills. Take advantage of self-paced math drills for all levels.

How It Works and Why

Mastery-based learning

  • Master it all
    Assess your mastery of middle and high school math and earn your number nunchucks! Mastery-based learning also means that drills and math journeys will be unique to each student, so you don’t have to waste your time on concepts you’ve already mastered.
  • Track your progress
    Want to know how you (or your student) is progressing? Easy! Math Shack gives you the tools to track progress and work toward mastering each area.
  • Common Core aligned
    Each problem is tagged to the Common Core so you know exactly which concept you’re working on.
Drill baby, drill

Infinite math drills, including…




Statistics & Probability

Students become the Masters

Become a Math Master

Math Shack is structured in a way to help students achieve optimal results. Students can achieve mastery in the following ways:

  • Consistently answering questions correctly
  • Responding correctly in fewer seconds
  • Answering a percentage of questions correctly without using a built-in hint

Sounds logical to us. And as it turns out, mastery-based learning is super effective: studies show that it has positive effects on test performance.

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