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Naaman in 2 Kings

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Naaman is a virtuous Aramean military commander who suffers from leprosy. He's converted to the worship of Israel's God when Elisha miraculously cures him. But in order to do this, he needs to get over his own pride to some degree. At first, he doesn't see any sense in Elisha's instructions: to dip himself seven times in the Jordan.

Yet, his servants show him the good sense in doing something so simple. When the procedure works, he is eternally grateful to Elisha. He pledges to become a devotee of the true God, but asks Elisha to permit him to bow down in the temple in Aram when he has to. God, being rather flexible, actually makes an exception and lets Naaman do this. He's an example of a righteous Gentile who finds his way to the straight path.

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