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2 Chronicles Politics

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If you were tempted to binge-watch Game of Thrones after reading 2 Chronicles, we can understand. This book has just as much political maneuvering (and murder) as any of George R.R. Martin's stories. In a way, the kings of Israel are playing at a sort of political game of thrones. The Kings of Judah are constantly making and shifting alliances, consolidating power in sometimes murderous ways, and trying to keep the people under control. In the end, the House of David is able to hang onto power by cleverly mixing the religious and the political. The Targaryens and Lannisters might want to take note.

Questions About Politics

  1. Claiming that God is on your side is always a shrewd political move. How do the kings of Judah play this to their advantage?
  2. Are some of the kings in this story better at playing politics than others? What's the secret to a successful reign in the Chronicler's eyes?
  3. How do foreign kings use their political savvy to work with the guys in Judah? Which of these kings are successful? And which aren't?

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