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1 Kings Power

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There are lots of sources of power in 1st Kings. Most of them can be found in either Solomon (wealth, wisdom, status, etc.) or Elijah (virtue, honor, spirituality, etc.), but other people—especially other kings and prophets—have them, too. No matter what sort of power it is, you can bet that God gave it, and he'll take it away if you don't keep on his good side (for an example see 9:6-7).

1st Kings drives home to the reader that the ultimate source of power is God. If a character possesses any power, it's really only as a conduit through which God is channeling his power. Thus, Solomon remains truly on top of the world only as long as he's faithful to God, and Elijah's titanic power (not that Titanic power) only grows as he obeys God and his angels (check out 2nd Kings 1:9-12).

Questions About Power

  1. Does it seem like power comes too easily in 1st Kings? Does that affect how people use it?
  2. Does it seem like Elijah's power is dependent upon his geographic location? Give examples.
  3. Finish this sentence: In the Power Olympics of 1st Kings, gold goes to Elijah; silver to Solomon, and bronze to _______.
  4. Compare the power of the main women in 1st Kings: Bath-sheba, Abishag, the Widow of Zarephath, and Jezebel.

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