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Increase teacher adoption and set your team up for success with Shmoop's professional services.

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Setting you up for success from day one.

The onboarding process begins with a consultation with our Customer Success and Support team. Together, we design and implement an onboarding program focused on adoption and utilization, aligned with your objectives.

You will have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager and our Support team to:

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Plan and implement an onboarding strategy aligned with your objectives and key results

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Set up your account for ease of access, whether that be through Shmoop, SSO or LMS integration

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Support your teachers and students with industry-leading response and satisfaction

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Develop positive usage patterns, with a focus on effective professional development and training

Integration options eliminate onboarding stress.

Choosing the solutions that offer premium user experiences without sacrificing effective learning.

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Streamline your eLearning ecosystem by offering users a secure, easy, and robust platform with SSO or LMS integration.

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Bring the focus back to learning by limiting the need for additional usernames and passwords

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Easily integrate with a wide range of LMS systems, Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, and more

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Provide secure authentication via SSO, including SAML, Google and Clever

Set up your education team for success.

We understand the complexities educators face in a technology-driven world. Shmoop can provide training and development programs to enable your staff from day one, ensure ease of access, and enrich the teaching and learning experience.

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Live webinars and on-site training

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Virtual open office hours

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Implementation plans and strategies based on best practices

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